Glen Lasken

Glen Lasken

Hello, my name is Glen Lasken. I specialize in Workers' Compensation matters. I am familiar with all aspects of Workers' Compensation claims, including injuries and occupational disease claims. I understand the relevant statutes, the Administrative Rules, case law, and the subtle little tricks of the trade.

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    I am here to help you

    I have not lost sight of the fact that this is a service industry. When I answer the phone "This is Glen Lasken, how may I help you?" it is because I want to remind myself a hundred times a day that I am here to help you. If you call me and I am not available, you deserve to have me call you back and I will.

    If you have any questions and concerns and want to meet with me, I will schedule an appointment so that we can talk face to face.

    If your case needs extra work or special attention, that is what you will get. I keep my case count low so that I can give each and every client the individual attention and help that you need.

    You will never have to worry about what is going on or worried that you cannot reach me because I will be here for you.

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    You hire me, you get me

    During my years of managing the Workers' Compensation Department of a Portland law firm, I trained many associates and frankly, I grew tired of the process. When I moved to Central Oregon, I swore I would never have an associate, and I still do not.

    I will be the person working on your case. Your file will not be handed off to some unseen partner, associate, law clerk, paralegal, legal assistant, or other minion.

    I will be the person analyzing and preparing your file, and I will be the person keeping you informed and answering your questions.

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    I know how to win your case

    In thirty plus years of experience I have gone to court to overturn denials nearly seven hundred times, and I've won over 65% of my cases. I am a highly skilled trial attorney, and the other side is well aware of this.

    I'm not afraid to go to court. My educational background has trained me to be an outstanding public speaker, and my work ethic and management of my practice ensures that every case is completely and totally prepared.

    I do not just hope that a case will settle. I prepare all of my cases assuming that they will go to trial. As a side benefit, because the other side knows that I prepare all of my cases and knows that I will do a good job of presenting every case, I tend to get much higher settlement offers than the general rule.

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    I understand what you are going through

    I have had back surgery, I've had two neck surgeries, I've had surgery to reattach a ruptured Achilles tendon, I've had four knee surgeries, I have a chronically bad right shoulder from pitching for my baseball team in high school, I've had ankle sprains, broken ribs, fractured fingers, concussions, and seemingly every other kind of injury that could happen to one person. I am intimately familiar with the process of rehabilitation and recovery and the frustrations that can come with that slow process.

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    I care about my clients

    I promise I will never lose sight of the fact that you are a real person with a real problem who needs help from someone who actually cares. I will meet with you as often as necessary and keep you advised of every step of our progress. I cannot promise you that I will win your case, because even I cannot win all of my cases. However, I can promise you that I will care about your case and about you. I will fully prepare your case, I will answer your questions and concerns and keep you advised of everything important, and I will help you through this process.

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    I am someone you can trust

    I am very proud of my reputation as being an honest, hard-working attorney. When the other side sees my name show up on your file, they know they will have a battle on their hands, but they also know that I am someone they can trust and work with toward a solution if possible.

    I have the highest possible reputation for ethics in my profession. In 1996 the judges who decide Workers' Compensation cases appointed me to be chairman of the Workers' Compensation section of the Oregon State Bar, a position that I held for one year. As section chair, I presided over the group of attorneys and judges that manage all aspects of the Workers' Compensation section including ethics seminars, training seminars and evaluating proposed legislation, and then testifying before the legislature on behalf of the Oregon State Bar. Serving as section chair was a tremendous amount of work, but also a tremendous honor that would not have been bestowed on me if I didn't have the trust and respect of the judges of the Workers' Compensation section. The bottom line is I will fight to win your case, and that I will fight fair in doing so. I do not give the other side a reason to hate us. The insurance companies might fear me, but they do not disdain me.

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