Glen Lasken

Glen Lasken

Hello, my name is Glen Lasken. I specialize in Workers' Compensation matters. I am familiar with all aspects of Workers' Compensation claims, including injuries and occupational disease claims. I understand the relevant statutes, the Administrative Rules, case law, and the subtle little tricks of the trade.

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I do not hold the preparation of a case as hostage to the payment of costs. Many attorneys will not meet with doctors or prepare cases unless costs are paid up front. I turn this misguided practice on its head. I do not ask for costs up front, and I do not worry about costs in preparation of my cases. All cases are prepared completely and totally, regardless of costs. When we win, the insurance company is ordered to pay my attorney fees and my costs. If we settle, I will deduct my costs from the settlement. If we go to trial and lose for any reason, I will write off all costs and not ask you for a penny. I can afford to do this because I seldom lose.

Attorneys' Fees

There is no cost for a consultation or a phone call, and no attorneys' fees paid up front or on an hourly basis. The Workers' Compensation statute provides three bases for attorneys' fees:

  • Overturning a denial resulting in an assessed fee paid by the insurance company.
  • Increasing your benefits, which can result in a percentage paid toward an attorney fee ranging from 10% to 25%
  • Negotiating a complete or partial cash-out of the claim resulting in an attorney fee range of between 10% and 25%
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